Monday, March 30, 2009

Garden Seed Giveaway Winner...and more

Congratulations to "Linder"! You are the winner of the Garden seed give away!

Thank you to everyone that entered the drawing.
Today I planted a few marigolds that I had left over from creating a large combination planting in a huge terra cotta pot by my front the rest of the plants made their way to the back yard to be planted under the drake elm outside the kitchen window.

Hubby put mulch down around in the flower beds that needed it.

Yesterday oldest daughter and I created a flower bed by the back door, and I put a lot of orange and yellow marigolds in that.
Things are definitely shaping up around here...tomorrow will see me doing a lot of cleaning and some more packing up.

And then I will begin staging the house,and very soon we will have the sign up for sale.
We are wrapping up the latest issue of "Small Town Living" e-zine... and it will soon be posted to the website.

In the meantime check out the last issue at: and please share with your friends/family.
My absolute sincere apologies for not blogging as much/as often as I used to on here.

Getting a home ready for market takes a lot of work...more than I thought..then in amongst everything I also started a garden seed business the first of Feb.... and wow! I never expected it to be as busy as it has been!...but it has beenlots of fun though...but these things all take time of course.
We had some very rainy weather the first part of the week..I joked with hubby that we certainly did not need to receive our annual rain fall quota in a mere 2 days time..ha..but it finally stopped and today..oh my! what a gorgeous sunshiney day! Everything is so lush green and has that beautiful new green growth that plants/trees get at the start of Spring!...the bright new green color..such an awesome cheery leafy green!

The drake elm by the kitchen window is bursting forth in new all time favorite tree! Every spring it looks better and better..hubby and I wish we could transplant that tree to a new is absolutely gorgeous. But...I'm sure we'll be able to find a nice drake elm tree start elsewhere..I sure hope so..they are such lovely trees.
Oh..and..the hummingbirds are back! I'm thinking we must have a species here that is definitely a year long resident. They sure like the bottle brush tree..which is also in full bloom this time of year. I must make a point to get out there with camera in hand and try to capture them at work feeding from the flowers.
I hope that you all are having a lovely week thus far.
Thanks for stopping by!

~The Garden Goose~

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Yesterday my husband planted some of the seeds you gave me for starts. Exciting!