Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Homeschool Helps: All about Manatees

Thought it was time that I shared another "Homeschool Helps" topic.

This time...all about Manatees!
You can use these links to create an in depth "Unit Study" about the Manatee if so desired. Lots of info here..so Enjoy! and have fun!
What is a Manatee?

hear a manatee:
Florida Fish and Wildlife info about Manatees:
Sea World's in depth look at Manatees:

Where to find a stuffed toy Manatee
(item pictured is available through the above listed site)

What do Manatees do all day?
Oceanic Research Group/Manatees and how they live:

Sirenian.org/this website offers a lot of info about Manatees:
~The Garden Goose~

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Betty said...

Oh, such fun! I have a friend who loves Manatees...I gave her a stuffed one that came from the very site you mentioned. There is a Save-the-Manatees organization...you can adopt one by donating. Such a good cause!