Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend report...

Well..yay! the garage sale went o.k. yesterday..not the best garage sale we have ever had here, and not the worst one fell into the middle ground on garage sales held here.

So it was"o.k." It was nice to unload some stuff, and after the sale..we unloaded even more stuff..what did not sell was promptly loaded into the van and hauled away to a local thrift shop.
Yay! ..I am relieved to say.."no more garage sales at this home!" Yippee!
This afternoon the 2 smallest children and I planted some green bean seeds in one of the 4 ft by 8 ft. raised beds that remain in the back yard. I figure that in about a week's time we should start seeing little baby bean plants..and if we are lucky in about a month we'll start being able to harvest something off of the plants.
See this photo? (to the right>>) I found the original online a while back, and was drawn to it..a cute little "farm girl" So..I bought the original photo..isn't it cute?
I was able to convince hubby to part with a huge 8-10 ft long counter top work bench that was taking up a tremendous amount of floor space up against one wall of the garage. Now I'll be able to move the boxes/bins that were in the middle of the garage floor up against the wall in neat stacks..this is a good thing actually.
I had fun looking at flower seeds today and treated myself to a few packets of a lovely antique Flemish peony poppy variety of seed..very, very pretty flowers.I'll save them for the gardens at the new house.
Oh, I received the heirloom tomato seeds that I had spoken of in a previous post..seeds that a lady shared with me that had been in her family for generations and not available commercially..well..I thought the family had names for the seeds, but..alas they did not..the seeds are simply called things like "Red X" , Yellow X, and so guess I can come up with names for them after I grow them huh?
I do hope that you all are having a lovely weekend.
We had chilly weather here both Saturday and today, in fact I even had ice on my car windshield early Saturday morning!
Thanks so much for stopping by to visit.
May you have a lovely day.
~The Garden Goose~


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I can't believe that you're already planting seeds outside! It sounds so wonderful to get outside and dig in the dirt. We still have over 50 inches of snow on the ground!

Wanda said...

Hi Tina, I think garden fever is running rampant. I am just waiting for some dry days to get out in mine and start some sweetpeas,and give the beds a good cleaning before planting. BTW if you still have the sweetpea seeds I sent you, I heard on a garding show that you should freeze them in an ice cube tray with water and then plant them. I guess it straiates the seeds so they can sprout better. I am going to try it. TAke care.

trisha too said...

you lucky thing, i wish i could play in the dirt today.



Lorie said...

I am glad the GS went okay! It is always good to get rid of stuff and make a few extra dollars!