Thursday, February 19, 2009

A fine day...and more...

Had a nice day today.Hope you did too.
Worked on getting some more seeds packaged up for the little garden shop over at:

I've got everything from cabbage, to endive, to okra, lettuces, radicchio,tomatoes, collard greens, and more over in the shop. All heirloom varieties. And..I hope to bring in some nice heirloom flower varieties soon.
Found a really cute lamp for my son's birthday...I'll add a bright red lampshade to the top of it. It is a cute vintage lamp.

Love finding things on etsy like this... for not much money.

They are oh so fun! and cheerful!... and have character...and are most of the time priced much less than what a department store would charge for something not nearly as sweet.
Hubby created some of the neatest decals for room decor!
Aren't these just too cute!

And a dinosaur too!
And a really cool Elephant as well!
You can find more than 100 different kinds of really cool vinyl wall decals for your home decor at:

I know I'll be adding some of these to our new home's decor. They are so fun!
On another note..since we are going to be putting this house on the market..why am I planting garden seeds in a few areas? Well..we tore out what was left of the old decking and are now left with an area that is rich dirt with nothing in it right by the back patio. I will plant some marigold seeds there and maybe a few green bean seeds. Why? because something needs to be there other than dirt...and I might as well grow something that is edible/pretty while we are still living here.

Next..there are 2/ 4 ft by 8 ft raised garden beds in the back yard.One is totally filled with strawberry plants...and I just weeded out the other one, and it is now bare and needs something in it..if I go ahead and plant it full of green bean seeds..again we have something from it while we are isn't left bare and doesn't have the chance for weeds to overtake it...and looks much better filled than empty.
Planning on finally having that garage sale that I have stuff for out in my garage. We are all set up for it with a large work table full of home decor items,some household appliances and so forth, and loads of like new kids clothes on hangers, and a few furniture items. Last weekend the weather was rainy/so we had to put it off for a week. Hoping that this Saturday will be a "go". I advertised it in one of our local ad papers , and it looks like the weather is supposed to be nice. So..hopefully we can unload some things.
Well..thanks for stopping by for a visit.
I hope that you all had a really nice day today.
~The Garden Goose~

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tina,
Just love that little lamp for Ian! You find the neatest things on etsy. Tell him grandma C. said happy birthday. Will be sending a card soon.
Love, mom