Monday, February 16, 2009

A little this and that...

Hope that you all had a very nice Valentine's Day.

Ours was rather uneventful..nice and quiet.
Today the 2 youngest children and I worked on weeding out one of our 4 ft by 8 ft raised beds in the back yard.
I'll get that planted soon with some green bean seeds I have.
Then hubby, oldest daughter and I cleared out, took apart and hauled out to the concrete pad by the road...what was left of the old decking by the back french doors.
Where the decking was...I intend to rake that soil smooth and scatter marigold seeds in that area, and maybe a few green bean seeds also.
I have items in my garage all priced and waiting for some nice weekend weather to have a garage sale.
Hoping that the weather this coming weekend holds out for it. Have a few items we need to unload.
Found some neat heirloom seeds from a lady in Virginia..for an heirloom celosia plant..the plants get 3 ft tall with huge burgundy nearly 12 inch flowers ,she got the original plant years ago from an elderly woman and has been growing/saving the seed for years....and anyhow...she told me that she will be sending me some seed also from 4 different varieties of tomatoes that have been in her family for generations and are not available commercially..and I'm the 1st person outside of her family that she has shared them with! How cool! I feel honored actually.
She will send me the names of what the family called these types of tomatoes.
How neat! I have really been excited about that.
Continuing a little...On a note about seeds/heirlooms...
my little garden etsy shop has been doing nicely this week.
I have several varieties of garden seeds listed.
I'll have some more/different varieties really soon and will be posting them in the next few days.The bean seeds have been really popular.
I have also updated the gardening blog over at:
I enjoy writing about gardening topics too.
Oh..and thank you so very much for following my blog! 20 folks that like moi!..awww..thanks!
Hope you all have a great evening!
Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~


Renie Burghardt said...


Sounds like you're really busy getting ready for some serious gardening. That is so nice to read, since we're still cleaning up from the ice storm. I can't wait for Spring, so I can begin a bit of digging and sowing!

Thank you so much for your visit. It was good to hear from you again. Have a wonderful week in the garden.



SweetAnnee said...

I can't believe you're in the garden already..
Lucky you..
I'm going to check out your seeds too!!


SweetAnnee said...

Darn..I can't grow veggies.the raccoons just tear the plants up and eat the veggies..(if they get that far)

fondly, Deena

Anonymous said...

I'm slightly jealous of you Florida gardeners and your ability to work the soil this early. Even in northern California (east of Sacramento) where I gardened for years, our last day of frost was March 5. I think starting plants is my favorite garden activity: I just love the magic of it!

Also! Hm... seeds? I'll take a look!

BClark said...

Tina, Thank you for stopping by, looks like you have been busy as always.
Those seeds sound really great, I know you will treasure them. I need to learn more about how to harvest and save seeds. I tried drying some tomato seeds last season but don't think it worked. Oh, well, try try again.

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow! I love your store.

So Shabby Pink said...

Oooo, you know how I love roses! I am going to go check out your garden blog now. Can't wait to start planting here too.

Hope you are having a nice weekend!