Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to blogging..yay!...

I've missed you all. So good to be back to my somewhat normal routine.

Well..I had been sick all last week..ugggh. Seems the kids wanted to "share the love"..err.."the crud" that they had all had a week prior..and mama dear was "blessed"...ha... with the "creeping crud" that started with a low grade fever and chills, and progressed to stuffy head and sinus gunk and a cough...and fatigue...and hurting ears, spinning head/dizzy spells, and nearly losing my voice.

I am finally just about all the way over it all though..yay!
Yesterday was spent getting items in the garage priced for...oh joy!...yeah....another garage sale....insert a big dose of sarcasm there I love going to garage sales and finding great deals..but hate, hate, hate having them. But... I have enough stuff yet needing to be unloaded..that yes..I'll grin and bear it once again.

But..I am resolved that this is the absolute last garage sale I will have at this house.
Then after that the plans are to do some major, major spring cleaning/yard work.
Sales have been going well on the seeds over in my little garden shop over at etsy.
It has been fun packaging up seed packets for folks to begin their gardening.
I have so many blogs to visit/get caught up with visiting...and some new ones to add to my blog friends list after having "met" some nice folks through the OWOH event.
We have a great new issue of "Small Town Living" this month..check it out at:
--------------- is good to be back to blogging again.
Have a lovely day!

~The Garden Goose~


madrekarin said...

Tina- I'm glad you are better!! That must ahve been some nasty stuff. :( Good luck with your yard sale! I am like you- hate the preparation. The only things that makes one worth it is that I will be getting rid of things.
Thye new STL is fab! But then, I would expect nothing less. :)

~~Anne said...

Hi Tina,

I think your "crud" found it's way all the way up here to Connecticut. LOL! It's been almost 2 weeks now and we have been sick with the same thing. Not just a common cold, but whatever it is, it's nasty. I haven't been sick like this in probably over 20 years. But, we are on the mend too and yesterday I finally started feeling a bit more like myself. I'm glad to see that you are feeling better too and back to blogging. I enjoyed your posts over at your Victory Gardeners blog too. I'm going to check out the latest STL issue now. :)

Take Care.

Wanda said...

Hey Tina, Sorry to hear your were ill, but it sounds like you are on the mend.:) I know what you mean by the like to go to, but hate to have garage sale thing. I need to have one but I just went to almost a dozen today. I did get some great things, tho.
BTW welcome to my blog as a follower, I hope you noticed I am now a faithfull follower of your
as as well. Cheers

Amy Ellen said...

Glad your feeling better. Isn't so much fun when our kiddos share, LOL. Good luck with the garage sale.