Friday, November 14, 2008

Small Town Living Magazine "Call For Artists/Crafters"

Small Town Living is offering artists, crafters, cooks, service providers and gardeners a chance to promote their businesses.

Small Town Living is a bi-monthly ezine aimed toward those who live in small towns or who's hearts are in rural America.

Each issue contains crafter's profiles, How-To's, Small Farm and Gardening Tips, Livestock Highlights and a variety of other related topics.

We've got thousands of fans who visit the site each month to read our magazine and we'd like to tell them about you.

For a limited time we're offering you the chance to be included in our "Handmade in America" section at the back of the publication.

Our intent is to maintain this guide in each issue, permitting readers to find locally made products including crafts, art, home grown veggies, food and services.

Acceptable businesses include: Handmade Goods, Crafts, Art, Pottery, Ceramics, Photography, Sewing, Woodworking, Found Art, Collage, Cooking, Baking, Fruits and Vegetables, Livestock, Jewelery, Clothing, Music, Books, Doll Making, Magazines and Personal Services.

This section is not intended for businesses reselling other's work.
You should be the maker, grower, etc. of the items which you sell.

We reserve the right to accept or decline any submission.

Over time we may adapt and change this section but for now when you submit please include:
1. A photo of your products or a single product which represents your work.
2. Your business name.
3. Your business contact information: Mailing address, Phone, email.
4. Your business website.
5. Four or Five Sentences describing what you do, what you sell or a bit about your experience.

We will run all the ads we have space for and time to set up.
Since we're limited in staff we may hold some back for future issues if we're short on time.

The cost? FREE. We're doing this as a service, hoping to help as many people as we can. Eventually we may have to charge a nominal fee to offset our costs but for the time being there is no cost to you.

Go to: for the contact us page
or email: gardengoose at gmail dot com

Thank you! We hope to be able to feature many "Made in America" businesses.

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