Sunday, November 16, 2008

Homemade Christmas Ideas...

Wanted to share a few ideas for Homemade Christmas gifts with you all.

Idea # 1: Mini yo-yo wall quilts.
Create yo-yo's using either a heart shaped yo-yo maker, or a flower yo-yo maker available at your local craft/fabric store.
Idea #2: using the same yo-yo makers create hair barrettes for little girls.
Idea #3: use a few of the yo-yo's to embellish the packages, or to embellish jar mixes.Or to even make small ornaments by attaching a ribbon hanger.
Idea #4: use a few of the yo-yo's to embellish floursack tea towels.
Idea #5: create cute napkin rings by attaching the yo-yo's to a piece of elastic. Make homemade napkins to go with the napkin rings
Idea #1: create yummy caramel/chocolate covered apples.

Create gourmet looking apples by first dipping large apples into caramel, let set up,

... then dip into either white or dark chocolate, let set up, then dip again building up the layers.

Lastly either roll in candy sprinkles or nuts, or chopped candy bars, or chopped heath bits,or m and m's, then drizzle over the top with a little chocolate drizzle. Wrap in cellophane.Embellish with a pretty ribbon. Oooh yummy!
Idea #2: The usual standby..home made cookies.... but how about changing the packaging this year to perhaps a Chinese take out box for the holder?
Idea #3: jar mixes and cocoa mixes:
Look online for any of a variety of jar mixes, spice mixes, cocoa mixes. Make darling tags to accomadate.
Idea#1: Bath Salts: combine 2 cups of epsom salts, 1/2 cup coarse sea salt, 3-4 drops essential oil of choice(peppermint is good for the holidays!!) and 2-3 drops food coloring..stir well and package into baggies,or small jars. If packaging into baggies create a nice bag topper label.
Idea #2: Create memory pillows...(or a family heirloom canvas print) If you have a photo of your children or other photos you'd like to share. Have photos printed onto canvas .
(printing can be done at
Make a cute gingham fabric pillow topper. Sew canvas square into center of pillow fabric(before you sew the squares together) and embellish corners with buttons.
There you have it..a few more Home made Christmas Gift ideas!
~The Garden Goose!


dabrah said...

Loads of really good gift ideas. I'm not sure what a yoyo is but I'm planning to look it up.

CathyJean said...

Hello there!
This is a great post! Do you mind if I link you up to my Handmade Christmas list on my side bar?

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marie said...

Great ideas! I love the little flower yoyos and caramel apples ~ hmmm!

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Letters By Santa said...

Great ideas. I found your site by accident. Glad I did. Thanks for sharing.