Monday, November 17, 2008

A few more awards..and more...

Gosh I was late on claiming my award from Linda over at
a "Thank you!" to Linda.

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****O.k. though instead of posting to 15 folks..I always, always have a very hard time with this! I am gifting this award to the first 15 of you to comment on this post. Feel free to share it with those that you feel are a good match for it.
And I am also honored to accept this butterfly award from Cathy Jean at:

"Thank you!"
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Again..there are so many blogs out there that I think are downright cool!
If you are a poster and one of the gals found in my blog list here..feel free to share the award with someone else that you find to be "cool".
has it been cold where you are at?
It has been down right chilly here in the evenings.We had to cover some plants last night, and had some towels that were tossed up over the courtyard fence by the plants. It was funny to see that about half a dozen anole lizards had hidden up under the towels for warmth. Lizards that are cold, are very slow and sluggish lizards. After we wrapped the oldest daughter moved the lizards back up under the towels and in amongst the plants that were covered so that they'd have a chance. We also get little geckos here..we have been told that they were a local pet shop escape and a pet escape from out at our AFB.
(lizard photos courtesy of creative commons/commercial usage photos)
O.k. I had a question recently about.."what is a yo-yo"? in regards to my last post about Christmas gift ideas/crafts.
A "yo-yo" is a small piece of fabric that is either a circle shape, a heart shape, or a flower shape. They are pieces of fabric that are gathered with a running stitch to create these shapes.
Years ago they were just done as a round circle shape and were used for such things as table mats, quilts, and so forth.
In recent years the 'yo-yo" has made a comeback and is being used on various craft projects. To embellish t-shirts, purses, hair barrettes, and more... And someone has invented several plastic templates for other shapes(the heart and flowers shapes shown in previous post) So that crafters can expand a bit on their yo-yo creations.It is a fast, easy way to embellish craft projects and to create something fun using up those little colorful scraps of fabric that every crafter seems to have more than their share of.
So..hope that helps a bit on what they are.
I'll try and post a few more things here and there with ideas for Holiday crafting.
Have a great evening. Stay warm..and hey..curl up with a cup of tea or cocoa if need be.
Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~


2 LMZ FARMS said...

Hope this finds you all doing great. It's been downright cold here. The other day, we had some sleet. YUCK!! The days have been in the 50's and the nights falling into the low 30's and some 20's. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Wanda said...

Hey Tina, just wanted to say hi,and contulations on you awards. I have been stopping by most everyday and thought I should let you know. Have you made any of the needle cases? TTFN

Wanda said...

Just ignor my horrible spelling. I ment "congratulations".:)

Back Through Time said...

Hope you are keeping warm! it is cold here too. We even had some snow flurries on Sunday.
I love all of your holiday ideas!