Saturday, November 1, 2008

Garage Sale finds...

Had a fun day out with hubby today..we went to a few garage sales in the area.

Oh let's see...what did I find?
I found:

1. a retro 50's rooster (ceramic)..about 6 inches tall for $2 old mirror from about the 60's, early 70's with a thin frame on it(it measures about 16 by 12..for 50 has an arched top to it..will paint it red on the frame.
3. 3 tiny glass red/the other 2 are clear
4. a very old Ball mason jar
5. 3... 11 by 14 frames, and an old plastic frame from about the 50's it is an 8 by 10 size(I was able to finally frame the peacock lady image..I will share a photo of that later)
6. a nice Franklin Mint "The Royal Swan" bisque porcelain swan.(mine does not have the wood stand)( got it for $4)
7. a really neat set of stackable bud vases used for rooting is hard to explain..they come in 2 triple sets of blown glass bud vases, and 1 is a quadruple set of vases..they all stack on top of each other to form a "tower" of tiny bud bubble vases.(got that for $1)..I can root 10 cuttings at once with it.
8. and a covered clay baking dish.
9. and 2 accordian style expanding peg racks.
10. and....a window from an old house for $5 (6 pane window..that I will hang from chain..will try to find a photo of a poppy field to make a scenery on the window panes of a poppy field)
It was a fun day out with hubby..and what was nice is we were able to find some things to add to my vintage rooster collection and to find a few other fun things that we will use in new home.
After hubby and I were done with the garage saling we stopped by Schlotzsky's for sandwiches and sat at the marina and ate our lunch...then went to a couple of antique shops.
The weather was lovely out today.
I do hope that you all had a lovely day!
Thanks for stopping by!
May you have a lovely weekend!
~The Garden Goose~


madrekarin said...

Wow, Tina! You did get some cool things. That swan is beautiful. The hubs and I used to sneak out on Saturday mornings and go to yard sales and then to Costco, always listening to NPR and waiting patiently for Car Talk and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me to come on. Since he gets up early to deliver the mail now, our Saturday jaunts have come to a screeching halt. :( I'll just have to check in and see what you have been up to instead. lol
Have a lovely Sunday.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
thanks for your visit. I haven't had much time this year. Dave has been sick since last Dec and requires lots of special foods and then we took the direct hit from Ike.We are slowly putting our home back together. You know how that is. Anyways I have missed you. Please email me your snail mail address.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Tina that's what I call a perfect day. :)