Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hi there..craft ideas..and more...

A lovely day here today in Sunny Florida. Weather was absolutely perfect. Sat outside this afternon with the family..watched the birds, bees ,and butterflies all flitting about, and the 2 youngest children running around laughing and playing and racing each other around the yard.
Very nice Sunday afternoon indeed.
Hope that your Sunday afternoon was a good one as well.
----------------- is that time of year now where we all start thinking about what we may begin making for Christmas gifts for loved one..will we do a handcrafted Christmas..or will we just opt to go shopping?
I came across a nice Victorian craft site to share with you all.
This website has lots of patterns for such things as pincushions and ornaments,potholders and much more.
Ahhhh...but what if someone on your list just
absolutely adores chocolate malt balls?
Check out this website:
Oooh yummy! (photo courtesy of website featured above)
How about stuffing a bear, penguin, or doll then crafting doll clothes to personalize the item for a special child?
Here is a website that offers "you stuff it" bears, dolls and more:
(photo courtesy of website featured above)
Know someone on your Christmas list that loves to garden and wants to help to preserve heirloom seed varieties?
Or someone that wants to start a vegetable garden for the first time?
Introduce them to Victory Gardening!
Now..see you didn't know you'd get some great Christmas ideas when you stopped by here this evening did you?...but there you have it..a few neat ideas for you.:0) Have fun! I'll try to share a few more ideas here and there before Christmas is upon us.
Well..I've been working lately on getting some things packed into lidded storage bins..they take up less space actually than multiple cardboard boxes do..and so far I have been storing the vintage items that I have collected over the years..trying to make sense of it and get it all contained and ready for moving instead of it being in multiple boxes scattered here and there through the house in various areas tucked away. Actually trying to get a bit organized in the process.Oh boy!
I do have some nice things to decorate with though... and decorate with them I shall. It has been fun actually collecting things along the way..and I'm really looking forward to the chance to take these treasures all out again soon and really decorate a new home the way I'd really like to.
And then also to plot out and plant a new garden paint and decorate and make another house a home.
I have plans to plant lots of heirloom type vegetables and flowers at a new home and hubby has mentioned that he'd like to have a koi that will be in the plans as well.
I've been really enjoying this Fall weather we have been having lately..and hope that you have too.
May you all have an absolutely lovely week.
Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~


Anonymous said...

Hey Tina,
Went to pincushion website. It is really neat! So many different patterns and so cute.
That blueberry pound cake sounds yummy.:o)
Love ya, mama

Trisha said...

What wonderful website references! I really enjoyed the pin cushion one with such great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Trisha Evans
a vintage white