Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family Yard Work Day

Our whole crew spent time today in our front yard...trimming, raking, and sweeping off walks. Whew!

Loads of work..and loads of the wheel barrel later..things are looking pretty good.

Hubby and I went to Lowe's yesterday to pick up a few things ..found some nice solar lights and hubby took out the old solar lights that were looking all dingy and worn..and replaced them with some nicer copper ones.

I worked today on sweeping the walkway, trimming a lot of the hedge along the walkway,and the trees in the front flower bed(pittosporum, and a wax myrtle, and a gardenia)..hubby mowed,oldest daughter helped rake,and son helped pick up pinecones.

Our joint effort has paid off as things look a lot better.
Next up will be tackling the back yard...ha.(the backyard is quite a good bit larger than the front)
Took a trip over to Joann's fabrics on Friday..picked up some fabric to make some curtains for the master bathroom, and some for the kitchen.
Things will look nice and spiffy soon in those rooms.
I had a mystery plant in my yard that had been mistagged by the store that I had bought it from..I finally found out the name of it this evening, after about an hour or so of looking through photos online. It is called a Jatropha and is native to Cuba.
I love this little plant as the hummingbirds are drawn to it.'s finally nice to know the proper name for it.
Hoping that you all have had a lovely weekend.
~The Garden Goose~


Cindy B said...

It is always good to have the yard work done...our leaves have yet to fall, so we still have that ahead of us yet.(7 trees makes a lot of leaves) LOL

Johnny Mulder said...

I'm interested in your location because you mentioned you had jatropha. Do you get snow? It looks like a jatropha curcas flower.
I am doing a study of jatropha for a project at Harvard and would be interested in knowing your general location or just if you generally receive some snow or freezing temperatures. I would love to get a small stem of your plant.
We home schooled our four girls and "wow" they did socialize well in college. One will graduate from Notre Dame Law this year and another will graduate from Hillsdale College. Our other two babies are still at home.
Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tina,
Very pretty flower. So you're at it again! Seems like yard work never ceases, doesn't it? Went out in my little garden and cut a bunch of collard greens and got 4 really long okra too! Am going to fix them tomorrow.
Love ya, mama

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Wanna come and rake the leaves out of my yard? I promise to pay you with some sweet Girl, just reading about that made me Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

AmyLou said...

Told you Im clueless! I posted to and old blog (lol) I copied and pasted my comment here!
AmyLou said...
Hey Girl!!! How are you? We are all doing good. (Hope this is the right blog to put this-I'm clueless with the blog thing :] ) anywho We want to learn ASL sign language and since you are the HomeSchool expert (in my hmo) I was wondering if you could recommend something. We were hoping for a local co-op group to work with but I havnt been able to find any.
Great Blogg!!!! (wish i could see your face when you see this post ; )
Love ya!