Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cool Find from a while back...

I found this wonderful old scrapbook at an Estate sale about a year ago..I was amazed that no one in the family from the estate wanted to hold onto this little is from the early 1930's because the newspaper clippings are all dated 1932 and 1933...up to 1935.

And..I went ahead and paid all of $5 for this find.
I must admit the picture on the front is what first caught my attention.
In the pages of this little scrapbook are images of President Roosevelt and his wife, as well as many poetry clippings by poet Edgar Guest.
One of the poems by Edgar Guest:
A shelter for the children and a
place for them to play,
A red geranium or two to keep
the corners gay: A little patch of grass to trim,a
pair of maple trees,
A path that leads up to the door,and home is made of these.
Some windows for the sun to find,and curtains white and neat,
Good neighbors to the right and left and just across the street:
A kettle singing on the stove,a couch that's built for ease,
A dog that wags his tail at you and home is made of these.
The smell of cookies baking or of onions in the stew,
The youngsters racing in and out,asa children have to do:
Their footprints on the carpet left where every caller sees,
The simple prayers they say at night,
and home is made of these.
High dreams of future greatness when the little ones are grown,
More thought about their welfare than is given to your own.
Long nights of anxious battling 'gainst the course of some disease,
Then times of song and laughter-
every home is made of these.
Hope you enjoyed the poem...
Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~


Anonymous said...

Nice little scrapbook Tina.
Sounds like a keeper. :o)
Love, your mom

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a fun find!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hey Tina,

I love the scrapbook..I have two of them from my Dad's side of the family. I'll be scanning some of the images to place on my blog very soon...some really cool pictures are in. :0)

Hope you are doing good....I never made it to your "seed exchange". I'm still a few years out from even thinking about seeds so I didn't participate...but I appreciate your sweet invite!

Have a nice day,
Queen of Dreamsz

amy said...

what a great find!

Ruth said...

What a neat treasure to find. I love all things old. There is just a unique loveliness to them. The more worn it is the lovelier it is.

Nancy Jo said...

What a neat thing to find. Thats something I would have bought too.