Sunday, October 26, 2008

Garden Seeds..and more...

Wanted to share with you all that live in the U.S. about a seed offer from a place called
There are quite a few varieties of heirloom tomatoes on their list, and you can receive 6 packets of seed by sending in a self addressed stamped envelope.
A good deal!
I hope that you all are having some lovely Fall/early winter days.
The weather here has started heading towards some scrisper/chilly mornings and evenings..but absolutely gorgeous weather in the mid morning/afternoon hours.
I haven't seen hide nor feather of the little hummingbirds that had visited..I wonder if they were a migratory species or if they've found a more abundant nectar source elsewhere..although we do have a hummingbird feeder hung on a branch outside the kitchen window..I have not seen any activity at it.

So..I think I'll have to take that feeder down and hang up the regular bird feeder.
I did see a female cardinal this morning though, and the other day I had a trio of mourning doves sitting on the courtyard fence.
So..time to start giving them a little extra treat now that the temperatures are starting to go lower.
Went to Books A Milion the other day and found a nice book all about Organic Gardening..."The Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening" can't wait to curl up and start reading it.
Also got my Seed Savers Exchange seed catalog in and one from D. Landreth Seed Company..if you have never seen a D. Landreth Seed Company order yourself one! it is quite a treat. It has lovely illustration/almost like an art book..very nice.
Then I received a copy of "Organic Gardening" in the mail(I had sent in labels from Stonyfield Farms yogurt for a free subscription..glad I did wonderful resource!)
anyhow the latest issue of "Organic Gardening" has instructions for building a 3 section compost bin..very nice! Will definitely need one of those when we get moved..built near the back of the property..a compost bin is very beneficial to have.
Have been packaging up a few more non essentials(define that as my collections/knick knacks..ha) into storage bin containers(those stackable/ slide under the bed plastic bins with lids) been wrapping breakables into newspaper and filling the bins.
Why is it that it seems the more one tries to clean up and clear out the more messier things can sometimes look while all that is going on?..ha
Ahh will all get straightened out.
In all my cleaning and sorting I actually sat here one day and cleared out a heap of things off of my know how you favorite a website then forget about it a few days later? yeah..well..I had a slew of websites favorited and went and cleared all of that off. Made things much more manageable on this computer..still have more to delete, but trying to simplify things even in this area.
On another note..I've been trying to get back to my photography posting over at a U.K. based website I have been a member of:
It is a great website for receiving critique and advice. Anyhow..I've been getting back to posting some of my photos over there for some critique.
Really have to get back into the swing of things as I really want very much to have an outdoor photography business when I get moved to our new home/area.Can't afford to let myself get "rusty" in that area.
Well..thanks for stopping by and for reading my 'ramblings"
Hope you all have a most beautiful week!

~The Garden Goose~

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