Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring is on its way!...and a giveaway to tell you about...and more.

Today I saw a few Robins hopping around in search of bugs and worms. Robins are a migratory visitor here, and once they arrive  we know that Spring is right around the corner.
 The grass has begun growing again in our backyard, another sure sign of Springs arrival.
 The doves have begun flirting with each other..yes, another sign of  Spring.
 Oh, and more bird song...ahh ....I love it..hearing the birds singing a good bit more now that Spring is about to burst forth in all of its glory!

I mentioned having sent all of my potted plants South the other day. Well...I had a major plant relapse. I cannot stand not having something green around me..somewhere..anywhere. So I asked my husband to take me by a local nursery to check in and see if they had gotten in any mint plants. I was looking for varieties like apple, or pineapple, or chocolate. I found spearmint and pineapple. 

I also found a tiny air plant, and some succulents that I'll create a dish garden with. I also found some elfin thyme, some lemon balm, and rosemary.  I know, I know... oh and hubby bought me 3 gorgeous rose bushes. 
I know...relapse..but hopefully the last relapse I have before we get moved. As I don't want any movers to have to move a lot of plants.

Oh and I learned something very interesting today about the pineapple mint plant... apparently the pineapple mint plant is also the apple mint plant... seems that the pineapple flavor variation is concentrated into the variegated leaves of the plant, but if the plant is allowed to develop solid green shoots on the same plant...solid green leaves...those leaves will be of an apple mint scent and flavor. So it is encouraged to snip off any wayward solid green leaves or stems to maintain the variegation and thus the "pineapple" flavor and scent. Strange huh? I found it rather fascinating. Something to do with the hybridization of the plant. So interesting.  Plants always fascinate me!

Oh wow! I almost forgot!! Head on over to to enter the drawing for a gorgeous Vintage tablecloth..courtesy of one of the artists we have profiled on the site this week. (The Pink Rose Cottage) You won't want to miss out on your chance. Contest lasts until  March 9th.

That's all the news today folks.
 Thanks for stopping by!
  ~The Garden Goose~


Melinda Cornish said...

it is hard to live without plants....I am ready for some robins in this yard too......

Cat said...

Hey there, did you get your package? said...

I am just like you! I can't stand to not have something green around me.

Excellent post!