Saturday, March 27, 2010

Young Seamstress Would Like Your Vote

Our daughter Naomi has been sewing since age 15(4 when a family friend offered to tutor her in the art of sewing for 6 months for free. The family friend taught our daughter so much about  sewing. From different seams, different types of fabrics and their uses, to diffferent types of needles to use, and so much more.
Our daughter was hooked, and she has been creating sewn items ever since. She loves to participate in online challenge  swaps with other sewers where they create miniature quilts and other items to exchange with each other.
Our daughter recently entered a challenge on The challenge was to remake a basic apron from a pattern provided by the folks at Burdastyle. Our daughter's creation is now in the top 50 entrants...but she needs your vote to win.
If she does win she will receive a new sewing machine and a cash prize.
To vote for her creation stop by this link:
In order to vote you will need to sign up on the site. ...but a young seamstress would greatly appreciate your vote ...and so would her proud mama.
Thanks ever so much!


DaiseyB said...

Just wanted you to know I went by and gave her my vote. I think hers is the prettiest of all by far. I saw your post on the Mary Janes forum. We gotta get more of those girls to go and vote.

Judy said...

That is really cute. Naomi did a really nice job. I voted!

BClark said...

Hey super that she is still doing all her sewing, wtg. I went to the site and voted. If I could make just a small suggestion, for future pictures. She might want to consider what she is wearing underneath and does it add to or detract from what she is trying to showcase. It is hard to tell from the picture where the apron ends and the skirt begins. A simple pair of dark slacks and a pair of flats would have made the apron stand out better. If you look through the pictures on the site you will see what I mean. Which pictures show off the item and which your are distracted by the person wearing it. Hope this helps for any future contests. Best to you Barbara

Ashley Jennings said...

Yay! I voted. Love it!. I too received sewing lessons from an older woman...for free every week for months.
What an amazing blessing.