Saturday, August 22, 2009

My first art doll attempt..and more..

Well, things on the house selling front are going rather slow..drat it...sigh..we had a showing this past Thursday, but apparently the realtor that showed the house was NOT in touch with her clients needs/wants or either said client did not reveal his needs/wants adequately enough..needless to say it was another case of a waste of time on every one's part..the yard according to this person was "too big" umm... duhh..if you or your agent had actually taken the time to have read the listing you would have known that the yard was a little more than .33 of an acre..duhhh.

Anyhow..yeah..a bit of sarcasm and frustration in my writing there folks.O.k. rant over...but sigh...
Well..I decided to give a bit of crafting a try..albeit all of about an hour and a half of crafting,but crafting none the less.

I wanted to see if I could create a small art doll of sorts. Of course I do not have much in the way of any craft supplies on hand, so I created with what I could. A leftover scrap of canvas, a tiny bit of stuffing, and some Prismacolor markers and...wallah!..this is what I came up with. My 5 year old really likes it, so that is what matters. A professional doll making career I'm afraid is NOT in my future..but it was fun none the less.:0) and funner still to see my little 5 year old happy to carry around this wee little "pocket pal",and to take it to bed with her at bed time.:0).
I must admit it turned out better than I expected.
On the gardening front..I haven't done much at all in the way of gardening this year...most of everything that I am growing is in pots awaiting transfer to a new home. And I gave away a fair amount of plants recently to our lawn service folks.
I did receive 39 variety of bearded iris the other day, which I potted up in batches of 5 into 8 large pots..they were small rhizomes so they worked out well being planted into large pots . I expect that they won't produce anything until next year in the way of flowers.
I do have 2 totally cleared out 4 ft by 8 ft raised beds in my backyard, which I was not planning on putting anything in them , but have decided that since things are going a bit slowly on the house...that I might as well try to grow some beans that are the fast growing bush bean type...and if the house doesn't sell within the next 60 least I will have some beans to freeze...if it does sell during that time then someone else can enjoy some fresh beans...either way...I'll be planting some beans in those raised beds...and getting a chance at least once more this year to do a little "playing in the dirt"
Have you started your Fall garden?..or planned a Fall garden this year?There is still time to get some items in the ground. Things like greens (turnips, mustards, collards). And lettuces, radishes, endive,chard.This is also the time to plant garlic.
I have some of the items mentioned above available in my little garden shop online. Feel free to check it out.
Wishing you all a lovely week, and thanks for stopping by. :0)
~The Garden Goose!~


madrekarin said...

Sorry the showing did not go well. Hopefully the right buyer will come along soon. Your little art doll is adorable! Love the polka dot skirt. :)
I'm going to wait a few weeks to plant in a fall garden. Hopefully it will be okay, but it's just been way to hot and dry here to even think about planting. I don't want stressed seedlings. There are enough stressed things around here already! lol
Have a happy Sunday, Tina.

Anonymous said...

The doll is too cute!

Hope the house situation rights its self very soon. Best wishes for a speedy sell!

Judy said...

I'm sorry things are going slow for you on the home selling. The doll is very cute.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

We love greens...good post..m.

The Persimmon Perch said...

I think the doll is great! I might try one myself. A great way to use fabric markers. Thanks for the inspiration! Sorry about your house endeavors.

dabrah said...

I like your art doll. She's really cute.