Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Downsizing the backyard flock..and Homeschool Helps..more I created a few more things for the Zazzle shop..we can now create skateboards! Cool! Only thing is the flash photo on my Zazzle shop doesn't show the skateboard, is in my shop..and you can see it by going to the shop(left hand side bar). Check it out if you get a chance.

Totally Girl Power!..ha.:0) I created a few aprons too and a few mugs, a keychain, and a fridge magnet. Cute items.
We are downsizing our backyard flock..getting rid of the duck and one of the big hens..why? Well because it is better this way. The big hen in question is a very verbal gal..and starts a squawking at all hours of the morning..and in the city that just can't for the sake of being able to keep our remaining "quiet gals" well the loud one has to go..and was pretty "Goldie". Then the duck has turned out to be a boy. We are having a friend that owns 43 acres up in Troy,Alabama..come this weekend and give the 2 critters a new home.

We'll keep the one large Ameracauna gal..named "Henny Penny..and the smaller Ameracauna gal named "Cinnamon"

My friend will get the duck and chicken and the one portable cage.She'll eventually integrate the duck and chicken into her large 20 plus flock of other chickens and roosters.
When we eventually move it will be much easier to only have to transport 2 chickens and a smallish chicken coop.Just so much better to simplify. We'll then only have 3 animals to worry about.

2 hens and our dog.
---------- is time to post some "Homeschool Helps"
We recently studied about the state of Maine...
I had no idea that at certain times of the year that "Puffins" can be seen in Maine!
How cool!
So..dear son and I took a look at "Puffins" on this website:
You can even hear what they sound like on this site too. Really strange sound.
Then of course Maine is known for its many "Lighthouses" so we enjoyed looking at all the different light houses, and reading about when they were started, and the length of the light house signal, and what colors the lights are, and the fog signals and so forth..Cool!

Well..I hope that you all have an absolutely lovely evening.

Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~


Nancy Jo said...

Boy you have been busy. How you have time to do all you do I DON'T KNOW. YOUR WHOLE SITE LOOKS REALLY NICE. THE PUPPY IS CUTE TOO.

AmyLou said...

Hey Girl!!! How are you? We are all doing good. (Hope this is the right blog to put this-I'm clueless with the blog thing :] ) anywho We want to learn ASL sign language and since you are the HomeSchool expert (in my hmo) I was wondering if you could recommend something. We were hoping for a local co-op group to work with but I havnt been able to find any.
Great Blogg!!!! (wish i could see your face when you see this post ; )
Love ya!