Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back to School Time...

We will be resuming our home schooling studies on our lazy summer time days are very rapidly drawing to a close.

I'll be pulling the books out tomorrow and getting everything ready....yes..I will admit...I procrastinated a bit on digging all of the books out...but like the kids..this year I just sort of wanted the summer time break to drag on a bit longer...but..times up now!..and the studies must resume.

This will be my oldest daughters last year of home schooling.Teaching a high schooler is always a bit more challenging, but a lot of her schooling is pretty much self led.Meaning she knows what is required now at this stage in the game and alot of her schooling doesn't have to be supervised as much as the younger ages have to be.I just have to mainly make sure it gets done after assigning it.

But my son will be in 2nd we'll have lots of hands on activities/science related activities for him to do..and a lot of fun things that he has expressed interest in learning about.

My days won't be as freed up now..but I do still hope to blog a little just might be more of a worn out mama blogging.. than my lazy summer days were..but I'll still be here.And I'll still hopefully have something of interest to write about.
(I hope anyhow)
I want to start sharing a few more of our home schooling ideas and topics with those of you that home school.

Over the 13 yrs that we have home schooled I have acquired a large amount of very useful home schooling websites and information..and always enjoy sharing the ideas.
On another totally different note..there are only a few days left on the give away get your name in on that post... see be a part of the fun!
Looks like Florida has another storm/maybe hurricane? headed our way...(groans!)...I really hope it fizzles out before it comes ashore. Florida has had too much of that in recent years and we could stand a hundred year break from things like that it seems! We are keeping an eye on things and will be going to get some water and batteries and emergency supplies to have on hand..and of course if it heads our way..we will evacuate to safer land.
Here's wishing you all an absolutely lovely week.
Have fun with all of the back to school preparations.

~The Garden Goose~


Tara said...

Hi Tina

I understand homeschooling to be a challenge but also such a joy--good luck on your new year!

Ann Marie Newman said...

Hi Tina,
Have you thought of having your daughter help with lessons for her little brother? That would be fun for her & Ian, plus she would need to study for lesson planning. Lily started her first job two weeks ago. She works at a really funky, cool coffee shop. Her homeschooling past has been a real plus for college and work. She is turning out to be a real independent, self directed young lady. Hard for me sometimes to see her running out the door - I do miss all the time we got to spend together, but love to see her chasing her dreams...etc. Did your daughter get her drivers license or permit yet? THAT is a huge adjustment to get used to. Enjoy these homeschooling years they are so special, and you will cherish the memories when it is over.

Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) Happy Back-to-School to you! Love, Q

Jeanie said...

Hi, Tina, I'm catching up on all your posts, but will just comment on this one. Sounds like you've been terribly busy, but have had some wonderful finds! I like your Dutch pieces!

I've been thinking of you the past few days as I've listened to the news and weather. I hope you, your family and your friends are all right and safe, with no damages. I'm not sure where this storm falls in relationship to your home, but I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you.

I'm heading out tomorrow for about a week -- I'm hoping to be able to post, but not sure, but also hope to check blogs, too! You take care!