Saturday, July 3, 2010

A fun Thursday

On Thursday afternoon after I took hubby to his dr. appointment.  Afterwards I took the kids to our local library for a fun reptile show.
 They were able to see the following critters: A yellow footed tortoise, a rhinoceros iguana, a Chinese alligator, an alligator snapping turtle, a python, and an anaconda snake.
Here are a few pictures from the show. My kids really enjoyed it. The Chinese alligator shown here on the right  was only about 3 ft. long. When fully grown it will be 6 ft. long.
 The yellow footed tortoise below left was really rather cute. And loved snacking on fresh banana.

I must say that the alligator snapping turtle shown below was definitely the ugliest critter shown that day. Its tail was about 14 inches long and the entire time it kept its mouth open, and a scary looking mouth it had too! Inside of this turtles mouth it looks just like blend in with the muddy river bottoms in which it dwells, it also has a little flap of skin that looks like a worm that it will wiggle to entice fish to swim right into its mouth.

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