Saturday, June 26, 2010

So much has gone on lately...

I'm still here folks...but life has been so busy lately. After we moved to Central Florida just 2 months children all caught a bad cold that made its rounds one by one through our household and landed on me for 6 weeks. So no one in our household was able to get out and explore our new town. Add to that..after I got better and everyone else had had the bad cold except for dad..he wound up getting it 2 and a half weeks ago and was laid up on the couch with low grade fever for 3 days. After he started feeling better he noticed a bad pain in his buttock then groin area one day. That morning he became in so much pain that he started dry heaving and then vomited up the glass of water I had given him. He laid back down for a few hours only to awake in more pain and looked down to see that his left leg had swollen and was red and his toes were blue in color!
Yikes! So we rushed to the Er and found out that he had a blood clot and pulmonary embolisms. Yikes! Yikes! Yikes!
 So we wound up having to camp out at the hospital for a full week. Of course we did not plan on the hospital being our first "must see" place to visit in our new town that's for sure.
 So after having been released on the 18th we have had several dr's visits and hubby is slowly, slowly on the mend and slowly being able to gain mobility back in his leg.
 It is a long healing process. But things will be o.k.

During this time I did manage a trip over to my in-laws home one evening to see a family of owls that are in her big oak tree in her backyard. The parents had a little owlet ...and boy is it cute. Of course with the tree situated close to the driveway and patio sitting area ..well they do create a bit of a mess. But I had never in my life seen a baby owl up close, let alone having the chance to photograph it, so it was quite exciting. And I haven't seen adult owls too often it was so very fascinating to observe an entire family of them. Of course they didn't do anything except for sit and sit and sit some more and slowly turn their heads to look down at us..but none the less they still were pretty cool. I hope that you enjoy this photo.
I also managed to capture a photo of a dragonfly that was visiting my mother in laws garden. Didn't notice the fine strands of spider webbing between the two little poles until after I had taken the image.
Anyhow..we do love our new town..the little bit of it that we've been able to see, and we are delighted to now live closer to family.
 Right now we are leasing a home until we find one to buy, and hopefully that process won't take too long..but first up is to get my hubby  well.  And with that I'll leave you with an important reminder: If you or someone you love sits at a computer throughout the day..remind yourself or them to get up and move around at least every half hour.
Blood clots and pulmonary embolisms are very serious and very scary. Stay well!
Have a pleasant day and thanks for stopping by!  ~The Garden Goose!~


Alison said...

Oh Tina how terrible to have all that happen when you moved.
Hope everyone is getting better and you will soon be able to explore your new town

Cathy said...

I am glad to hear that your husband is getting better! How scary.
So glad that the house sale and the move are behind you. Now you can take your time looking for that new dream home!:)
Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!