Friday, June 19, 2009

Back yard chickens

We have had back yard chickens in our "city" yard..and I can tell you was quite the joy.
Nothing beats fresh eggs for baking that is for sure.

And not to mention how friendly pet chickens can be..we had a hen that would follow us around the yard and hop up into our lap to be petted. She was quite the little hen.

Anyhow..I came across this really neat giveaway online and I must say..I'd be more than delighted to win this because..well..because we plan on having a few more hens in our backyard once we get moved...and you just have to take a look at these nesting boxes for chickens...they are pretty nice!

Yes I entered the drawing..and now I'm crossing my fingers that maybe..just maybe I can win this for myself and my oldest daughter.

We are hoping to be able to get a few Ameraucana hens, and maybe a couple of Polish Crested hens when we get moved. The Polish crested chickens would be for my 2 youngest children to be able to show at the 4-H shows.

But anyhow...have you ever thought about raising backyard chickens?

I think you'd enjoy it...really I do. There are quite a few websites online geared towards backyard chicken raising...and contrary to what some folks might say..chickens are fun and have "personality".So..if you've been thinking about..well..then just "go for it!" Chickens are fun.
~The Garden Goose!~


Betty said...

Gee, chickens sound fun; but, we aren't allowed to have them in our yards chickens, no pigs, no goats...just dogs. Cats are allowed, but it's a lousy idea to let them in the backyards here...too many coyotes. So, just about the only animal you'll see in yards here are dogs...but, I love dogs. I think I could love chickens, too.

Gayla said...

I would love chickens. We have sooo many coyotes and so close they are visible when they howl at midnight... eerie and kind of a bad sign for chickens, I think... But they are so cute and fresh eggs are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Those chicken nest boxes are so nice! I hope you win it Tina.
Love, mom C.

Ruth said...

I would love some chickens. They would not allow them in our city. I was so sad and when I tried to petition the city council there was a ridicule amount of fees. I thought this would have been a great homeschooling project for the kids, too. But that didn't work out.

I hope you win these nesting boxes.


Irma's Rose Cottage said...

I just love our chickens. They still are young and not ready to lay yet. Can't wait until they do.

Hugs :)