Friday, January 8, 2010

Brrr it is cold...and more...

It is day's like today,even in N.Florida that I am ever so thankful for a nice,

toasty warm home.
Tonight's temperatures have dipped down into the 20's and I did see
little snowflakes floating in the air both this evening, and at about midnight last night, but they always melt about a foot away from the ground. Having temperatures this cold in Florida would actually be worth it if the snow would actually hit the ground and accumulate at least a little bit. It somehow would make those evening "doggy needs to go potty" jaunts out to the backyard just a little bit more enjoyable, although not any warmer of course... if just a wee bit of snow was out there to see.
So it is also days like today that comfort food just has to come into play..a big pot of veggie soup this evening and nice warm potato salad. Yep, comfort foods.
How'd I make the veggie soup?
Oh it was easy and probably a lot different than any soup you are used to as it was one of those "toss it in the pan and let it cook" sort of things. No recipe, just a blending of things I felt would all blend well together and taste good.
So..into my large soup pot went the following:
1/2 bag of Bob's Red Mill veggie soup mix
about 8-9 cups of water
3 hand fulls of wild rice blend (again from Bob's Red Mill)
1 can of seasoned field peas with snaps/undrained
about 1 cup of frozen baby lima beans
about 1 cup of frozen purple hull peas
2 large tablespoons of beef bouillon
salt and pepper to taste
Let cook until soup mix and beans are tender..about 2 hours.
Like I said..this soup is probably different than any you have tried, but it actually was pretty hearty and tasty.
Well..stay warm folks..that's what we are doing.:0)
I've also taken the time these last couple of days to organize just about every room and closet in
my house. It's a nice feeling to have organized such things as both bathroom cupboards, the hall way linen and toiletries cupboard, the kids closet, toy box and dresser drawers...and to have packed away 2 boxes of items. To have organized my closet a little, to have organized my desk. To have organized all of the kitchen cupboards and both pantries. So the cold days have not been for naught.
Have yourself a lovely weekend! And if you get a chance to, check out the new Small Town Living blog at
~The Garden Goose!~

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Julia said...

Yum on the soup! The toss method is the way I usually do it. No two soups are ever the same!