Monday, January 5, 2009

Can there be two of me?..and more...

I've been busy, busy trying to get things done around here. Packing, sorting,and where I have wondered what it would be like to have 2 of me here helping to get things accomplished..ha.
Naww..that would probably be a scary thing huh?..LOL
Aww well..things will get done..bit by bit..and I will see the light at the end of the tunnel with getting things ready.
Well..I finally managed to get a wee picture of the life sized farm girl with cow image on canvas that I am wanting to incorporate into our kitchen decor at a new home.
My husband had printed out a copy for a store in Idaho(life sized)..I do not know if the store owner used it in their shop, but then he printed a second copy(life sized) for me.
(I had bought the vintage print on ebay months ago)'ll try to incorporate this image into my retro kitchen at the new place.
Today I was busy packing up some of hubby's books and managed to get an entire book shelf cleared off, then yesterday i went through all of the home school items and packed up what I was going to keep and moved the cupboard out into storage.

Then I'll be cleaning out a big antique wardrobe and moving that into storage too.
Work, work and more work to do.
So..yes..I've thought that 2 of me would definitely be able to get things done quicker..but ahh well..ha.
I did manage to find a home for all of the Christian fiction books..woohoo..yay!
That was nice.
Oh, and the narcissus in the pot in my yard have already bloomed this year..actually they were blooming right around Thanksgiving..ha..poor confused flowers. But aren't they pretty?
Tomorrow I plan on making some kumquat marmalade from the kumquats the neighbor had given me..when he brought them over they were a little they have kept pretty well..but tomorrow I'll cook them down and make some marmalade out of them.Yum! Wonder where I can find a good kumquat tree for the new place? Guess I'll have to wait until I get moved to start looking for things like that. But I definitely would like to have a variety of cherry, kumquat, and peach,plum and so a little fruit orchard.Wouldn't that be fun just to walk out in my own backyard and have my own produce market right there?....yep..that would be nice!
Oh...a great big "thank you!" to all of the recent comments! I see a few new "faces" here..and that is absolutely awesome!

Yes..I'll get my rear end in gear and add you gals to my "blog friends" list, and I hope that you will return the favor.
Please forgive me if it takes me a few days though...but I will definitely try to get things updated around here.
May you all have a super week! Thanks for stopping by!

~The Garden Goose~


meg said...

That is a great print- I'm curious to see how you incorporate it :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina
Well guess what I have a Kumquat tree growing in a pot and I been keeping it for you.
Soget down here and we`ll get it planted in your next house.
Like the farmgirl and cow. Have seen it before. Just wonder the year it was printed .
Love Mom W